Personal Finance Courses

Perhaps you are thinking, "Why didn't they teach me how to manage my money?" or "I really need to learn about investing."

Since 1999, we have taught thousands of people, just like you, the critical skills necessary to manage their personal and household finances. Our personal finance courses take material you may think will be boring or over your head and make it fun, interesting, understandable and easily actionable.

Our top-notch curriculum includes:


  1. My First Financial Plan
  2. Introduction to Investing
  3. Step-by-Step Retirement Planning
  4. IRA to Roth Conversion
  5. The Snider Investment Method


Learning to manage your own personal finances, rather than abdicating responsibility to someone else, has tremendous advantages:

No conflict of interest - the person best qualified to manage your money is you. Otherwise, you can never be sure if you are being sold something because it is best for you or best for the person selling it.

Control - when you manage your own money, you are in control. You aren't at anyone else's mercy - not your financial advisor, CPA, your spouse or the government. That's very powerful!

Lower fees - fees matter. When you cut out the middleman, there is more money in your pocket to compound and grow.

Higher probability of success - you are bought in to the outcome because it is your plan. You can see the progress you are making because you are working the plan. Feedback is more immediate and more gratifying.

Our personal finance courses distill our years of real life experience, over a decade working hand-in-hand with thousands of clients, in good times and bad, and mountains of reading and research, into the golden nuggets you need to confidently and competently manage personal finances.

To learn more about our financial workshops, we invite you to browse the individual course descriptions, check out the Course Calendar, or call us at 888-6-SNIDER (888-676-3447).