My Financial Plan Web Application

This is the tool Family CFO's have been waiting for. It is made up of four sections: your assumptions, a personal income statement, a balance sheet, and our retirement income models.

The personal financial statements are essential to determine where you currently stand. The retirement income models answer all your questions about where you want to go and how close are you to getting there.

My Financial Plan is the cornerstone of our financial planning classes, Step-by-Step Retirement Planning and My First Financial Plan. It is designed to answer your most pressing questions:


   How much does it cost to fund my current lifestyle?

   How much will it cost when I reach retirement age?

   If I'm behind on my retirement goals, how can I catch up?

   How much immediate income can my current investable assets produce?

   How much should I save and invest today to reach my retirement goals?

   Am I investing my assets in a way that maximizes my retirement income potential?

   When can I retire? Or if I'm already there, how much can I spend?


This straightforward web application is your first step to getting your finances in order and preparing for retirement. If you're not yet thinking about retirement, it is a great tool to keep your financial information organized and easily manageable. It automatically saves your information each time you move to another page. You can revisit it at any time to make sure you're on the right track or make changes as your financial picture begins to change.

If you have any questions feel free to give us at call at 1-888-6-SNIDER.


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