What Is the Snider Investment Method?


What Is the Snider Method?

The Snider Investment Method® is a long-term investment strategy that uses stocks, covered calls, cash-secured puts, and cash management techniques in a uniquely powerful way to produce what matters to most investors - a portfolio that can generate enough cash flow to keep up with inflation, pay taxes, and maintain a reasonable standard of living.

Two Main Objectives

The Snider Method has two main objectives:

1. Cash Flow - The goal is to generate an average monthly yield of 1% from your investments.  Think of it as exchanging the long term 12% return of the U.S. stock market for a more immediate and tangible 12% cash-on-cash return.  See our track record.

2. No Permanent Loss of Capital - With the Snider Method, you buy stocks in fundamentally sound companies you would be willing to own for long periods of time, even if the price declines.  The systematic nature of the Snider Method helps reduce the chance of selling stocks at a loss due to an emotional reaction to market changes. The Snider Method also minimizes the risk of permanent loss of principal by using careful screening of stocks.

It’s important to note that the Snider Investment Method does not rely on your gut feeling to pick and choose which investment technique to use.  The Snider Method works because it is a set of firm rules and steps, which are repeated deliberately and systematically month-to-month. We don’t believe in guesswork, so both the novice and experienced investors find us to be a perfect fit.

The Snider Investment Method allows you to take an active role in managing your investments. Click here to see if the Snider Method is right for you.


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Benefits and Risks

Investing is all about trade-offs, which explains why the two most commonly asked questions about the Snider Method are:  What’s in it for me? and What’s my risk? Learn more about our benefits and risks.

The Snider Method Owner's Manual

The Snider Method Owner’s Manual is plain-English guide we created to give you the information you need to understand before you begin investing with the Snider Method. Only by having this information can you make an informed decision about whether or not the Snider Investment Method is appropriate for you and your family.


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