Managing Investor Emotions

Take Control of Your Emotions Like an Investment Pro. Learn the Biggest Enemy of Individual Investment Performance and How to Conquer It

Managing Investor Emotions

Why YOU Are Your Own Worst Enemy of Investment Success

The facts are clear, the investment performance of average investors, like you, fall far behind the S&P 500 because most people fail to apply sound investment principles. This course uncovers the root cause of why this happens and simple steps to conquering it.

Avoiding pain and pursuing comfort is the healthy, innate, human response to situations. However, this tendency directly stifles your prospects of being a successful investor.

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    Uncovers the Link Between Human Emotions and Investment Performance

    Learn the most common mistakes most investors inadvertently make that lead to poor investment performance

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    Identifies Specific Psychological Triggers that Ruin Potential Success

    This chart paints a clear picture of why you’re likely making the exact WRONG moves that ‘feel’ right and how one quick flip can put you on track to investing like the pros

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    Delivers a No-Fail METHOD to Investing for Better Returns

    While most investors ride the rollercoaster of emotional investing until they’re broke, you can jump off that ride with a proven, rules-based system that leads to investment success

A 20-year study that ended in December 2014 revealed that the S&P 500 had an average return of 9.85%, while the average equity investor – people like you – had an average return of just 5.19%. This huge gap is largely due to what DALBAR calls psychological factors. In other words, it is caused by your emotional behavior and by failing to use a disciplined system.

About Your Instructor

Shelley_15As our Director of Education and creator of the Snider Investment Method online course, Shelley has taught thousands how to competently manage their investments.

Shelley’s skills as a writer, speaker, and educator bring value to our clients in public platforms, while her rare ability to hear the “question behind the question” allows her to tailor individual plans to meet specific investment needs.

As a wife, mother, and daughter, Shelley understands the importance of a financial plan that benefits and protects multiple generations. She is committed to helping others get all the pieces of the financial house in order.

Managing Investor Emotions

Learn the Biggest Enemy of Individual Investment Performance and How to Conquer It.