Lattco AutoPilot

Celebrating 3 Years!

Next month, Lattco AutoPilot will celebrate its third birthday. In order to celebrate, we are going to make you a special offer. For the first time ever, we will let you try Lattco AutoPilot for 3 months at no additional cost. You won’t even be charged a Lattco search fee of $30.

Do you know all the amazing features Lattco AutoPilot has to offer?

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    Automated Trading

    User friendly step by step guidance

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    Automatic Bundling

    AutoPilot walks you through each Bundle

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    Portfolio Management

    Integrated performance reporting

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    Boost Income

    Increase premiums with automated limit orders

Greater Income

  • AutoPilot’s Limit Tool – In 2017, our limit tool generated an extra $3.90 per contract in option premium.  Our tool automatically generates a limit order form when an option order has the potential for additional income and suggests a modification if the order doesn’t execute immediately.
  • Cash Alternative – For accounts with cash that won’t be put to work within the next few months, we purchase shares of MINT, an exchange-traded fund, invested in short-term investment grade debt.  The cash invested in MINT earns approximately 1% more annually in interest and has a very stable value for easy liquidation.
  • Multiple Call Trades – Before AutoPilot one of the biggest spots of missed income was placing a 2nd or even 3rd call trade when bundling.  So many clients stop after the first call or simply overlook higher strikes.  With AutoPilot, you will walk through every call trade available.


Precise and Exact

  • No Calculations – How many times on Trade Day do you calculate an average cost?  How much can one little mistake cost you, either in correcting a trade or missed opportunity?  You never have to worry about these types of mistakes with AutoPilot
  • Pre-Filled Symbols and Quantities – Every order form is pre-filled with the symbol, action, and quantity.  AutoPilot won’t accidentally Buy-to-Open or sell the wrong expiration.  The entire trading process is automated.
  • Safe & Secure Records – Have you ever thought what would happen if you lost your records?  Maybe your computer crashes and your spreadsheet disappears or your three-ring binder gets dropped in the recycling.  All your account records dating back to the beginning of the account are stored in Lattco’s database with regular backups and 24/7 access.

Faster Trading

One-Stop-Shop – Do you still fumble between Lattco, Ally, and a spreadsheet or paper worksheets?  Imagine logging into one website and never needing to switch between screens or record a purchase price.  Most clients say the switch to AutoPilot cut their time in half if not more.

Ready to give AutoPilot a try? We’ll give you THREE months to test-drive all these features.

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Upgrading your account is simple. Try it today so that you can be using these great features for on your next Trade Day.

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