Snider Investment Method Owner’s Manual

A Proven System to Generate Portfolio Income


Snider Investment Method Owner’s Manual


Are you looking for the best way to use your investment portfolio to replace your full-time income so you can live well for decades to come in retirement? This manual opens the door to a proven system used by thousands to generate a monthly paycheck from your portfolio. The Snider Investment Method Owner’s Manual covers:

  • A simple strategy to generate more monthly income than traditional investment options for people nearing, or in, retirement
  • A detailed look at what the Snider Method is, including its objectives, risks, and benefits
  • What you will need to get started using the Snider Method in your own portfolio

Most traditional investments are based on the concept of capital appreciation. You buy assets, such as shares of stock, and hope they appreciate in value so you can sell them later for a profit. Cash-flow investing works differently.

With cash flow, you buy an asset not for its future value, but for its potential to generate income. When you use the Snider Method, your goal is to put your assets to work to produce a monthly yield (income).

About Us

Snider Advisors is a boutique, SEC registered investment advisor. As professional wealth managers, we have a fiduciary responsibility to our clients and a verifiable track record since 2002. Everything we teach is academically sound and based on empirical research and data. Our strategies and philosophies are the result of solving real-world problems for our families and ourselves as well as our clients.

The Snider Investment Method is our primary strategy used to help clients generate more income from their investment portfolio consistently and with less risk than most other options for individuals in or near retirement.

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