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Ready to Generate a Full-Time Paycheck From Your Investment Portfolio, Month-After-Month, For a Dream Retirement…

In This One-and-Only Dynamic Investment Course, You’ll:

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    Learn How to Create Monthly Income

    The #1 job of your retirement portfolio is to produce a paycheck that replaces your income. The Snider Method puts your assets to work to produce monthly income so you don’t have to

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    Enjoy Trading Just One Day Each Month

    That’s right, we spend just a few hours making our trades on just one day per month, so you can spend more time enjoying life and less time glued to a computer screen

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    Succeed With a Proven System

    You will learn a simple, rules-based system and be armed with an easy checklist that ensures you know exactly what to do at all times – no guessing games or costly errors

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    Grasp and Master the Material Easily

    Join thousands of beginners and experienced investors who learn how to use the simple, proven and repeatable rules of the Snider Method with our multi-media, hands-on training approach

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    Get Ready...Aim...and Fire Fast!

    Go from complete investment beginner to proficient with this 6 month course and start making trades after completing the core lessons in just a few hours

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    Ensure Satisfaction with 100%, 30-Day Guarantee

    You don’t have to commit now! Try it for 30 days and if you’re not 100% confident that this course is right for you cancel anytime and receive a full refund for that month’s tuition

The Snider Method Online Course is Your Solution

At Snider Advisors, we are professional wealth managers with a verifiable track record who will teach you the step-by-step process we’ve used for over a decade to manage client assets.

You will learn everything you need to know to manage your own portfolio and finances like a smart money manager. You will learn how to trade the Snider Method in your own portfolio.

We provide hands-on, over-your-shoulder assistance, so you’re never alone. This Online Course is not merely education, but implementation, as we guide you through the stock investing, trading and cash management activities of the Snider Method.

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Learn How To Create Consistent Monthly Income

The #1 job of your retirement portfolio is to produce a paycheck. The Snider Method puts your assets to work to produce monthly income because cash flow is the key to viability.

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    Trade One Day Each Month

    Time in the market is a far superior approach to trying to time the market. You won’t be tied to a computer every day watching your portfolio, leaving more time for you to actually enjoy your life.

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    Use A Proven System

    You will learn a simple checklist so you’ll know exactly what to do each step of the way. There’s no guesswork and less room for error. Not just theory – we teach real-world application.

Your Snider Investment Method Online Course Includes:

6 Months of Snider Method Online Training
Value $1,800

We cover our complete system that will help you create a paycheck from your portfolio. Our system will give you an advanced understanding how to benefit from option premium to generate the income necessary to create a monthly paycheck. Our NEW online course covers more training material than we have ever offered in the past.

6 Months of Lattco PRO – Recordkeeping and Stock Selection Tools
Value $1,500

We are even including access to our Lattco PRO software which is a powerful stock selection tool that not only links to your brokerage account, but also maintains all of your records as they relate to your Snider Method Portfolio.

Monthly Bonus Training
Value $1,000

Take a deep dive into the material we present. We don’t teach just “theory.” We want to help ensure a “real world” application. Bonus material includes a special section on stock selection, learning how to calculate and take withdrawals, examples, more examples, and even more examples!

One-on-one Portfolio Review
Value $125

We can help you when it comes to your portfolio and even with placing your trades. We believe in transparent advice. That is why we start with offering you education,and teaching you the method we have implemented for our clients for over 10 years.

Total Value
Over $4,425

Checklists and Worksheets

We include detailed checklists and worksheets to help you track the performance of your investments, and help guide every step of the way.

Total Value:


PLUS – A Ticket to our Live Workshop on April 8, 2017 for NO ADDITIONAL COST!

Retail Price: $5,175

For a Limited Time Only, You Won’t Pay Full Price!

Enroll During Special Offer Period and Tuition is Just:

$199 per Month for 6 Months

Enroll NOW!

That’s a Staggering Savings of $3,981!!!

Take a Risk-Free TEST-DRIVE

30-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee Every Month of the Course!

You don’t have to commit to anything now! Just start the course, take the Test-Drive, and if you don’t feel 100% confident that this course is your best path to the enjoyable retirement with financial security you want, simply request a full refund. You can CANCEL ANYTIME – any month – and receive a full refund for that month’s tuition.

Become Your Family’s CFO

(Chief Financial Officer)

By investing into this course, you’ll gain the skills and knowledge you need to build a financially secure retirement in this evolving and turbulent market.

What’s even more exciting is that with our simplistic training modules, hands-on support and powerful software that automates much of the investment work at your fingertips, you may start generating income from your investment portfolio as soon as you begin.

Bottom-line, this preeminent investment course empowers you to take control of your financial future and gives you peace of mind knowing that you’re on track to a dream retirement.

I vowed that I would NEVER, EVER again blindly depend on someone else to take care of my money.Kim Snider, Founder of Snider Advisors

33 Total Lessons

6 Months of Step-by-Step Training & Over-Your-Shoulders Support

Ensures Your Success!!!

You can start trading right after completing the “core” lessons taught in Month 1.

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    Lesson 1: First Month's Trades

    Set the foundation for successful investing by reviewing the fundamentals of the Snider Investment Method. We will walk through examples of trading covered calls and selling cash secured puts.

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    Lesson 2: Continuing Your Positions

    Gain additional clarity about the Snider Investment Method by reviewing additional examples and understanding option expiration outcomes.

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    Lesson 3: Managing Multiple Positions

    Understand what it takes to add and manage multiple positions as your portfolio grows.

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    Lesson 4: Structuring Your Investments

    Learn why you don’t want to buy too many shares too close together in price and how the Band Rule will help you structure your investments.

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    Lesson 5: Bundling

    As you trade your positions month after month, you may encounter special situations. This module will address potential special situations and how manage them.

A Complete Step-by-Step Course!
Worksheets & Checklists
Awesome Client Support Team
Each month will have additional required, recommend, and optional training released. These training modules will strengthen your grasp on all the material and the Snider Investment Method.

Which Path Will You Take?

As you can see, we’ve put together a world-class, powerful program together to help you build a better retirement nest egg. Thousands of everyday folks who want to get on track to a better retirement have taken the Snider Investment Method Course, learned the simplistic rules-based system and now generate more income from their portfolio for a more financially secure retirement.

As a fiduciary, our loyalty is to you and your best interest first. That’s why we’ve built everything you need to go from complete beginner to successfully investing, within just a few hours, one day per month, for a better retirement. And when you need extra help, our team is always here to help.

With Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain, Enroll Today!

Tuition is just $199/Month for the 6 months of the course!

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Why This Course is Critical to Your Goal of a Dream Retirement

The ever-shifting and progressive globalization of the American economy has created an increasingly volatile stock market, leaving everyday folks to suffer investment losses that push their dreams of a secure retirement further out of reach.

Most people aren’t educated in building their own investment portfolio towards the end goal of full income replacement for retirement, and the more sophisticated investors want to increase their investment income for a better retirement.

Whichever of these you are, as long as your investment objective is a monthly paycheck from your portfolio, the Snider Investment Method Online Course is for you!

Two Objectives of the Snider Investment Method

#1 – Cash Flow

The goal is an average monthly yield of 1% from your investments. You see, the number one objective retirees should have for their remaining life’s investment activity is INCOME REPLACEMENT.
When you use the Snider Method, your goal is to put your assets to work to produce a monthly yield (a monthly paycheck) – which is exactly what you need in retirement.

#2 – No Permanent Loss of Capital

With the Snider Method, you buy stocks from fundamentally sound companies you would be willing to own for long periods of time, even if the price declines. The Snider Method helps reduce the chance of selling stocks at a loss by diligently screening stocks and following a systematic set of rules to help you control emotional reactions to market changes.

Traditional Capital Appreciation investment model is NOT the best investment approach to generate maximum income from your portfolio in retirement. We’ve found that the best approach to income replacement is the Snider Investment Method, which combines stock investing, options trading and cash management techniques, used systematically and repeatedly to generate monthly portfolio income!

When you use the Snider Method, your goal is to put your assets to work to produce a monthly yield (a monthly paycheck) – which is exactly what you need in retirement.

Of course, until you need to use the yield as income, you simply reinvest your earnings to benefit from compounding interest until you do need to start taking the monthly income.

Frequently Asked Questions

The course will start September 29th! Once you complete your registration, we will email access to the first module next week when they are released.
The Snider Investment Method online course is suitable for those who have a desire to retire and want to learn how to create a paycheck from their savings, are in retirement and want to learn how your investments can generate greater income, or for those who are willing to do the work to take control of their financial future.
The Snider Investment Method is a long-term investment strategy designed to create income from your portfolio. You do not need any previous trading or investing experience to learn the Method.
We will be releasing our core modules in the first month. Subsequent modules will be released once per month for five following months.
You will learn how the Snider Investment Method utilizes a powerful combination of stocks, covered calls, cash secured puts, and investment techniques to achieve cash flow.

The goal of the Snider Method is to provide you with a monthly paycheck from your portfolio. The focus is on using your assets to generate income, not on capital appreciation. When you use the Snider Method, you will put your assets to work.

Our online course will include monthly “office hours” sessions and additional live training. You will be able to ask questions and get direct feedback from your instructor, Shelley Seagler. And, of course, our team is just a call or email away to help you with any questions or concerns you may have.

Got Questions? Call us at 1-888-676-4337

Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM

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