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Snider Investment Method:
Your Portfolio Income Kit

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Investing for Portfolio Income

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Keys to Your Investment Success

Special Message from Tyler and Jesse

33 Total Lessons

6 Months of Step-by-Step Training & Over-Your-Shoulders Support

Ensures Your Success!!!

You can start trading right after completing the “core” lessons taught in Month 1.

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    Lesson 1: First Month's Trades

    Set the foundation for successful investing by reviewing the fundamentals of the Snider Investment Method. We will walk through examples of trading covered calls and selling cash secured puts.

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    Lesson 2: Continuing Your Positions

    Gain additional clarity about the Snider Investment Method by reviewing additional examples and understanding option expiration outcomes.

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    Lesson 3: Managing Multiple Positions

    Understand what it takes to add and manage multiple positions as your portfolio grows.

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    Lesson 4: Structuring Your Investments

    Learn why you don’t want to buy too many shares too close together in price and how the Band Rule will help you structure your investments.

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    Lesson 5: Bundling

    As you trade your positions month after month, you may encounter special situations. This module will address potential special situations and how manage them.

A Complete Step-by-Step Course!
Worksheets & Checklists
Awesome Client Support Team

Each month will have additional required, recommended, and optional training released. These training modules will strengthen your grasp on all the material and the Snider Investment Method.

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Past performance is no guarantee of future results. All securities involve risk and may result in a loss. Investors should consider their investment objectives, risks, charges, and expenses of the Fund/Portfolio carefully before investing. Historical and expected returns, as well as future projections may not reflect actual future performance.

Snider Advisors has an economic incentive for recommending that clients open an account with Ally. Specifically, Snider Advisors receives a flat referral payment for each new account it refers to Ally. More detailed information about the relationship and our fiduciary responsibility can be found in our ADV Part 2A. Clients may contact Snider Advisors with any questions about the terms of the agreement with Ally.

Investments are Not FDIC Insured and provide No Bank Guarantee.

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