Looking to generate income in retirement?

Covered calls are a key component of our tried-and-true Snider Investment Method strategy. As covered call advisors, we use our extensive knowledge in investing to train and empower both novice and experienced investors to write covered calls and boost the income from their portfolios.

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How Does the Snider Method Work?

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Our proprietary stock analysis and automated trading software, Lattco, guides you through the trading process each month.

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The Snider Investment Method leaves no room for emotions or the common mistakes of the average investor.

Our simple, step-by-step retirement investment process leaves you feeling confident. Learn more by downloading our Snider Investment Method Owner’s Manual.

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Covered Calls Explained

Would you like to generate more income from your portfolio? 

The Snider Investment Method uses covered calls as our primary tool to maximize the income from a stock portfolio.  If you are unsure about options or new to covered calls, get started with What is a Covered Call? Learn the Pros and Cons

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20 Years of Covered Call Experience

Smart financial planning decisions can boost your income, avoid costly mistakes, and make your money last longer. While simpler than most option strategies, writing covered calls requires a basic understanding of options and how they work.  As covered call advisors, we can help you place your first trade or optimize your strategy. 

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The Ultimate Planning Checklist for Retirement Education

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Too many people aren’t well prepared when they reach retirement – too much debt, too little invested, life-expectancy underestimated, stock markets too volatile. This simple CHECKLIST covers all the bases, giving you a clear snapshot of everything that needs to be done to get you ready for, not just any retirement, but an absolute dream retirement!

  • Learn the Critical Components to Your Retirement Puzzle
  • Take Simple Action Steps to Put the Pieces Together
  • Enjoy Confidence Knowing You’re on Track to a Dream Retirement

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Retirement education & planning checklist

Social Security, Medicare, Investments: Where do you begin when it’s time to seriously consider retirement?

Worried about using up your retirement funds?

The Snider Investment Method provides simple and easy retirement education so you can earn a portfolio paycheck after you retire. Allowing you to worry less and actually enjoy retirement.

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Snider Investment Method
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