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Asset Management with the Snider Method

Professional Option Trading

At times, options may not trade as efficiently as stocks.  Astute investors will recognize opportunity and avoid costly mispriced contracts.  With experts placing each and every trade, you get the best portfolio management with the Snider Investment Method.

Advanced Cash Management

Cash is a strategic part of all Snider Investment Method portfolio management.  By investing these funds in conservative investments with higher interest rates, your monthly income increases on this portion of the portfolio.

Never Miss an Income Opportunity

Every portfolio we manage is monitored daily. We review opportunities to sell additional calls throughout the month.  A time-consuming task for the do it yourselfer, economies of scale from multiple client portfolios allows for this additional feature for Asset Management clients.

Stock Yield Enhancement Program

Interactive Brokers, our recommended broker for asset management clients, provides a yield program that pays shareholders for loaning stock to other traders.  Paired with some of the lowest commission costs in the industry, Interactive Brokers is an excellent custodian for your assets.

Optimize Your Financial Plan

Smart financial planning decisions can boost your income, avoid costly mistakes, and make your money last longer. Important decisions should not be made alone. Snider Advisors asset management team in Dallas, TX is here for you.

Areas of Expertise

  • Social Security Planning

    Receive expert advice analyzing all the different scenarios for your unique situation. Unfortunately, it is never as simple as filing at Full Retirement Age.

  • Withdrawal Optimization

    Retirement income will likely come from various sources: Social Security, pensions, tax-qualified, and taxable accounts. Proper planning can boost income.

  • Tax Guidance

    Tax time is a breeze with our complete report. Careful analysis of Required Minimum Distributions and Roth Conversions help tax-qualified assets.

  • Portfolio Structure

    Your portfolio management might go beyond the Snider Investment Method. Structure different asset classes strategically to improve long-term results.

When to Hire the Professionals?

Do It Yourself investing is not always the right answer.  Hire the experts to handle your asset management, right here from our Dallas-area office.

Popular Client Types for Asset Management


    Busy executives and business owners are some of our most popular client types.  Packed schedules with inconsistent access to the market make asset management an easy decision for effortless implementation of the Method.


    Unfortunately, as we age we lose some of our sharpness.  When you still need a portfolio paycheck but the steps become more difficult or confusing, we are here to help.


    As portfolio values increase, the risk of a costly mistake or loss increases.   When you make the decision to implement a large percentage or all of your assets into the Snider Method, choosing our asset management team here in the Dallas metro area will help you sleep easier each and every night.  Your assets will be optimized for the best results and greatest chance of success with the help of our professional team.


    Whether it be spousal support after a passing or management of your legacy, we seamlessly become the manager of the investment strategy you’ve grown to trust.  Also, when multiple family members share an interest or ownership of the funds, hiring a professional portfolio management team will remove the potential conflict between owners.

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The Snider Investment Method

Worry-Free, Expert Implementation

Committed to excellence, our team of managers provides the highest quality, seamless portfolio management in the Dallas metro area.  Hiring Snider Advisors to manage your assets allows for more time for the most important things in life.  Whether it is running your business or more time with grandchildren, take the burden out of managing your investments by hiring the professionals.  

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