12/5/2016-M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. (MDC)

  by Robert Brauer

Attention, those of you who own M.D.C. Holdings, Inc. (MDC):  MDC has declared a 5% stock dividend to its shareholders, with an ex-distribution date of December 2, 2016. As a result of this declaration, owners of MDC have received an additional 5 shares of the positions for every 100 shares they previously owned. Concurrent with this, the strike prices for open call and put options for MDC have been adjusted downwards.

On December Trade Day if the position is still open, you will sell the extra shares you have received, and record the net proceeds to your Stake worksheet as an ordinary dividend. If you are a Lattco PRO or Lattco AutoPilot user please contact us AFTER selling the additional shares and we will make the necessary adjustments to your records.

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