How to Sell Covered Calls

Learn how to choose the right stocks and options, manage covered calls over time, and boost your portfolio’s income.

How the Wheel Option Strategy Works

Learn how the wheel option strategy can help you generate an attractive income, as well as some alternatives to consider.

How to Roll a Covered Call

How to Roll a Covered Call

Learn when rolling a covered call makes sense and five ways to execute the strategy.

Add Covered Calls to Your Dividend Strategy

Learn about the rise of dividend investing and how covered call strategies can increase portfolio income and open the door to new opportunities.

How Option Greeks Affect Covered Calls

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How to Construct a Collar Option

Learn how the collar strategy works, when you may want to use it, and some alternatives to consider.

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How to Find Covered Call Opportunities

Learn how to choose the right stocks, find the right options and uncover the best covered call opportunities.

Should You Trade Covered Calls Around Earnings?

Learn how earnings reports impact covered call returns and the pros and cons of trading covered calls during earnings.

How to Select a Broker for Covered Calls

Learn how to choose the best brokerage account for covered call strategies, along with some of our recommendations.

Covered Calls Dividends

Are Covered Calls a Good Strategy in a Bear Market?

Learn how covered calls can help insulate a portfolio against losses during a bear market, along with some tips for executing the strategy.