Covered Call Advisor

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Learn how covered calls fit into a retirement portfolio and how advisors can help you leverage them without taking on unnecessary risk.

How Interest Rates Affect Option Prices

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The role of luck in a financially secure retirement

A new type of mutual fund was introduced in late 2007, by the fund industry, called managed-payout funds. The goal of these funds is to give retirees a steady stream of income. At the time, they were touted as being an easy way for investors to get regular income payouts, professional money management and relatively low fees. Early players in …

Who Do I Trust?

For well over a decade, my unrelenting focus has been understanding financial risk and developing practical strategies for managing the risk created by job loss, illness or disability, bear markets and funding thirty years of retirement. Since 1997, I have watched the job of managing those risks become increasingly complex. One reason understanding and managing financial risk is more difficult …