5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Puts

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Puts

Discover some of the most common mistakes when selling put options and tips that you can use to avoid them.

How Interest Rates Affect Option Prices

Learn how interest rates affect options and why they may be a good choice in rising rate environments.

How to Set the Right Option Trading Levels

Learn how brokers use option trading levels to manage risks and what you should know about them.

How to Protect Your Gains with Options

Discover options strategies that you can use to lock in unrealized gains in your portfolio.

How Do I Start Options Trading?

Learn how to open an options trading account, determine the right strategy and realize your goals over time.

How Do Cash Secured Puts Work?

Learn how cash-secured puts work and whether they’re the right option to meet your investment goals.

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How to Generate an Income from Credit Spreads

Learn how credit spreads can help you generate an income during any macroeconomic environment.

How to Calculate Covered Call Outcomes

Covered calls are a great strategy for generating an income but it’s important to understand the risks and rewards.

The Impact of Dividends on Covered Calls

Learn how dividends impact options and some important considerations for investors using covered call strategies.

Best Option Trading Strategy for a Portfolio Paycheck

There’s an option trading strategy that’s practically a hidden reservoir of monthly income generation lying in your own investment portfolio’s proverbial ‘backyard.’ Becoming aware of this strategy and learning how to use it empowers you to start generating real income from your portfolio, quickly. While you may not have known about this great opportunity to put your portfolio to work, increasing …