3 Covered Call Examples & the Outcomes

3 Covered Call Examples & the Outcomes

Learn how covered calls work by looking at three scenarios illustrating the best to worst cases – and tips for managing positions to mitigate risk.

Covered Calls Risks

The Risk of Covered Calls: What You Need to Know Before Trading Options

Learn how covered calls work, what risks you’re assuming, and strategies to help mitigate those risks.

Retired Woman Worried About Running Out Of Money

5 Signs You’re At Risk of Running Out of Money in Retirement

Learn the warning signs that you may run out of money in retirement and how to right the path.

Stock Market Slot Machine

I strongly recommend an excellent article to you, from the Psy-Fi blog, a regular on my daily reading list. The title of the article is B.F Skinner’s Stockmarket Slot Machines: Win Big, Win Rarely, Win Never. I often refer to B.F Skinner, intermittent variable reinforcement, and how the stock market creates superstitions much like those created in Skinner’s birds. This …

Risk Adjusted Return

A topic I haven’t covered in a long time (and, based on a comment left by someone yesterday, some people don’t get ) is risk adjusted return. We have been trained over our investing careers to obsess over portfolio performance when what we should be thinking about is outcomes. Forget the absolute number – will our portfolio do what we …

Know Your Greatest Risk

What is your most valuable asset? Your business? Your house? Your investment portfolio? The pile of gold buried in your backyard? What would you guess? If you guessed anything tangible, you guessed wrong. Your most valuable asset is what economists call your human capital. This is the sum total of the skills knowledge and wisdom you possess which you then …