How to Find the Right Stocks for Covered Calls

Learn how to find the right stocks for covered calls, as well as some of the best tools to help make the process easier.

How to Find Stocks with the Highest Option Premiums

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What You Need to Know About Roth Conversions

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Generating Income with Cash Secured Puts

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Series of ladders against a blank wall. Image copy is Covered Call Opportunities.

How to Find Covered Call Opportunities

Learn how to choose the right stocks, find the right options and uncover the best covered call opportunities.

Risk Adjusted Return

A topic I haven’t covered in a long time (and, based on a comment left by someone yesterday, some people don’t get ) is risk adjusted return. We have been trained over our investing careers to obsess over portfolio performance when what we should be thinking about is outcomes. Forget the absolute number – will our portfolio do what we …