Option Chain Problems at Ally

Some option chains are not displaying all the expiration months at Ally.  Currently, this is just a problem on their “Classic” platform.  You can switch to Ally Invest Live to see the up-to-date option chains with all the expirations including January. You can find a link to LIVE at the top of your screen.  Option chains are available under the …

Understanding Cash Flow Investing

This video offers a simple, yet powerful illustration of the differences between investing for cash flow versus investing for capital appreciation.

Buy and Hold vs Income Investing

This video shows some of the key differences between capital appreciation (buy and hold) and income investing. It also begins the conversation about how income investing can offer you greater control and flexibility in retirement.

Risks and Benefits of Covered Calls

This video, a companion piece to Covered Calls Explained and Example, takes a detailed look at at the how the risks and benefits of selling covered calls can affect your portfolio.

Enhanced Income Benefits to Lattco AutoPilot

An exciting new Lattco AutoPilot feature that will be available to all AutoPilot users this month. We are continuously working to bring new features and income enhancements to the Snider Investment Method.  At this time, our brand new cash alternative enhancement is only available to AutoPilot clients.  If you are not using Lattco AutoPilot and would like to try it …

Covered Calls Explained and Example

Are you to new to trading options? This video teaches you to trade covered calls and provides you with a detailed example of the benefits, risks, and obligations of this strategy.

Trading Stock Options in Retirement

Although using options to invest may seem intimidating, they can be a powerful too to generate income from your retirement portfolio, This video offers a quick overview of how options are used in the Snider Investment Method.