Unique Investment Strategies for Retirement

Learn about some lesser known investment strategies to make the most of your retirement.

How to Handle Debt in Retirement

Debt can make it difficult to live off of a fixed income during retirement. Use these strategies to pay it off and improve the quality of your retirement.

Turning Your 401k Into a Portfolio Paycheck

What should you do with your 401k after retirement? Here are two good options (if you want a paycheck).

Carnival of Personal Finance Editor’s Pick

We’re pleased to be chosen as an Editor’s Pick in the Carnival of Personal Finance this week. Check it out!

The role of luck in a financially secure retirement

A new type of mutual fund was introduced in late 2007, by the fund industry, called managed-payout funds. The goal of these funds is to give retirees a steady stream of income. At the time, they were touted as being an easy way for investors to get regular income payouts, professional money management and relatively low fees. Early players in …

Will you be ready for retirement?

What if you were forced to retire early because of a health issue or “resource action”? Apparently, that is what they call it at IBM, where they are cutting another couple thousand jobs this month, including at least one of my clients. Imagine you were nearing retirement and this happened to you. Would you be ready? It is no secret …

A Smorgasbord of Links

I have been collecting all these great items of interest to Family CFOs thinking I would eventually have time to blog about them. But now the list has gotten so big, there is no way I am going to be able to write individually about each one, so I figure I’ll just put them all out there and you can …

Will I Run Out of Money in Retirement? It Depends.

Without sufficient cash flow from your portfolio to replace your income, whether or not you run out of money becomes a sequence of returns problem. A person with $1 million of pre-tax money invested 100% in the S&P 500 as of 1/01/73 withdrawing an inflation-adjusted $100,000 at the beginning of each year would have been out of money in 9 …

You May Be in Good Financial Shape and Not Know It

Yes, many people are staring retirement in the face and aren’t even close to being prepared. Yes, our economy is in a funk right now. And yes, everyone is feeling the pinch of higher prices for gas and food. Don’t you think it’s time to turn away from all the gloom and doom and think something positive? I’ll start with …

Protecting seniors from predatory practices

Chances are, you are over 65, have a loved one over the age of 65, or both. Financial services firms are targeting older Americans because of the tremendous opportunity they represent for these firms. Older Americans control record amounts of wealth in the United States and where there is bait, there will be sharks. Regulators are particularly concerned about predatory …