Online Broker Comparison

Before you can use the Snider Investment Method in your own account, you must set up and fund an online brokerage account. The chart below was created to help you understand the benefits of different brokerage firms.

Overview of Benefits

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    Discounted Commissions

    Consulting clients of Snider Advisors are eligible to receive discounts off of the published rates at Ally.

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    The stock selection tool for the Snider Method.

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    Lattco PRO

    The online recordkeeping system for Snider Method investors.

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    Lattco AutoPilot

    The automated trading system to manage your Snider Method portfolio.

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    Vacation Trades

    For clients who are occasionally unable to perform their Snider Investment Method trades due to things like vacation, illness, business trips, or family emergencies.

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    Trading Support

    Snider Advisors offers ongoing support to Snider Method investors. Our support includes help placing trades, distribution assistance, alumni-only resources, and many other perks.

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    Advanced Trading Support

    When you have an account with Ally, Snider Advisors is able to view the activity within your brokerage account. Because we can see the exact trades you’ve placed, we are better able to help you stay on track.

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    Tax Software

    Many online brokerage firms offer automated software tools to help you with tax reporting.