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Snider Advisors offers a broad range of services to meet the needs of the most hands-on to hands-off investors.

Do It Yourself

Snider Investment Method
  • Generate a Monthly Paycheck
  • Free Option Trading Courses
  • You Are In Control
Discover how thousands of investors self-manage their portfolio, generating more income with lower fees using a simple system.
Boost Income Eliminate Guesswork
Minimize Fees Professional Support
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Done For You

Wealth Management
  • Professional Wealth Management
  • Advanced Strategies & Trading
  • Personal Financial Planning
Enjoy the ease and assurance of professional asset management with fiduciary responsibility and complete transparency.
Expert Management Advanced Service
Full Transparency Detailed Reporting
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Graduate Support

Client & Alumni Resources
  • Client Resources and Discounts
  • Lattco Trading Technology
  • Helpful Client Support
Secure portal to all your investor education and trading resources. Instant access to our stellar on-going client support.
Course Access Position Alerts
Trading Tools Alumni Resources

Trading Technology

  • Built specifically for our strategy
  • Integrated performance reporting
  • User friendly with step by step guidance
Portfolio management and stock screening software tailored to the specific demands of the Snider Investment Method.
Portfolio Management Sector Diversification
Automated Trading Option Screening

Free Consultation

We will help you determine if the Snider Investment Method is the right fit for you and your portfolio.

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Options Education

Learn the basics of stock option trading, and the ways you can use options as a tool in your portfolio.

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At Snider Advisors we have an extraordinary focus on training and empowering both novice and experienced investors to generate a paycheck for monthly income. We promote self-management of your funds to avoid costly management fees, for a more secure and prosperous retirement.

Combine that with our verifiable track record, which most investor education companies don’t have, and you see why Snider Advisors is in a class of our own – and the perfect solution for many investors nearing and in retirement.
Monday - Friday | 8 AM - 5 PM

100 Decker Court Suite 120
Irving, TX 75062

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Option Investing 101
Master the fundamentals of equity options for portfolio income.
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Climbing to Profits with an Options Ladder
Managing Risk of Market Declines

Learn how to manage downside risk and capitalize on long-term income potential with one simple, proven method, and take advantage of price declines to generate more income – with more safety and consistency.
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Stock Selection 101
A Smart Investor’s Guide to Success

A Complete System for Easily Choosing Stocks Like the Pros.  
Simple Strategies to Help You Rationally Evaluate Your Next Stock Purchase
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Snider Investment Method
Income Investing Training Series
Begin your journey to a dream retirement with our 3-part training to learn more about:
  • The Benefits of Income Investing
  • How to Generate an Income from Your Portfolio
  • Maximizing Your Portfolio Paycheck 
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Managing Investor Emotions

Avoiding pain and pursuing comfort is the healthy, innate, human response to situations. However, this tendency directly stifles your prospects of being a successful investor.  Learn how to end the endless cycle of investment loses.  
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Introduction to the 
Snider Investment Method

With Snider Advisors' Shelley Seagler
Wednesday, September 6th – 6:30PM to 8:00PM CT
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Introduction to the
Snider Investment Method

 Everything You Can Know about the Snider Investment Method Without Actually Paying For It

With Snider Advisors' Shelley Seagler
Wednesday, September 13th, 2017 – 12:00PM to 1:00PM CT
Hosted by TradeKing
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for a Portfolio Paycheck

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Introduction to the Snider Investment Method
 Everything You Can Know about the Snider Investment Method Without Actually Paying For It

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