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Don’t you wish there was a way to generate more monthly income from your portfolio for decades to come in retirement without paying high management fees?

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Generate More Portfolio Income Each Month

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    Goal of the Snider Method

    With the goal of yielding 1% from your investment portfolio per month, or 12% per year, many investors find the Snider Method to be the single best investment option for retirement income replacement.

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    Cash Flow Investing for Retirement

    Most traditional investments are based on the concept of capital appreciation. You buy assets, such as shares of stock, and hope they appreciate in value so you can sell them later for a profit. Cash-flow investing works differently.

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    Income Replacement in Retirement

    The single biggest reason people invest over a lifetime is for income replacement in retirement – the point they no longer can or wish to work. With income as your objective, you want to ensure it’s safely working as hard as possible to yield the greatest withdrawal rate in retirement.

With cash flow, you buy an asset not for its future value, but for its potential to generate income. When you use the Snider Method, your goal is to put your assets to work to produce a monthly yield (income) – which is critical in retirement.

Minimize Costly Fees with Portfolio Self-Management

Do you know the amount you are paying each year for financial advice and management?

Management Fees Hurt Performance

Professional money managers don’t work for free. Most charge a commission and/or management fees. One of the top reasons most people generate lower net returns on their investment is due to fees – which may impact your portfolio by hundreds of thousands of dollars over decades of investing.

Self-Manage Your Portfolio

The Snider Method is a comprehensive, step-by-step, over-your-shoulders system. This means you learn everything you need to know to be a successful investor, you eliminate the costly management fees that hurt the performance of your portfolio, and you always have a professional team by your side when you need help. You don’t have to pay fees when you manage your money yourself so that money goes in your pocket.

Professional Wealth Management Available

We've trained thousands of investors to implement our strategy, but some still prefer to hire us to do the work.

Simple, Straight-forward, Step-by-Step Instructions for Each Trade

When it comes to your nest egg for retirement, mistakes can cost more than you’re willing to lose.

Eliminate the Guesswork

The Snider Method leaves no room for guesswork. We know that the more systematic and specific a strategy is, the more likely you will be successful.  You follow a simple checklist that tells you exactly what to do each step of the way.  There’s no guesswork.  We don’t just teach you concepts and techniques and then leave you guessing how to use them.

Keep Your Emotions in Check

Emotions are an investor’s arch-enemy. They force you into irrational decisions that can too often demolish your chances for success by making you buy high and sell low – the opposite of what you should be doing. When you follow the rules, you avoid making emotionally charged decisions that can wreck your portfolio.

Don’t Let Fear, Greed, Hope, or Anxiety Impact Your Investments

Enjoy More Financial Security & Peace of Mind in Your Retirement

Put Your Interests First

When you manage your own account, there is no conflict of interest. You don’t have to wonder if your advisor is trading against you or recommending products because they offer him the highest commission.

No Additional Courses Needed

You will learn all the information you need to use the Snider Method on your own at our live workshop or through our online course. Either way, the goal is for you to get started using your knowledge as soon as possible!

Minimal Monthly Time Commitment

You will trade just one day each month using the Snider Method. It only takes a few hours and you don’t need to be tied to a computer every day the market is open to watch your portfolio.

No Investment Experience Required

Our investors vary in financial expertise from seasoned professionals to outright novices who have never bought a stock before. Anyone can use this simple, push-button system.

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Watch our 3-Part Training series to become a better investor. See the benefits of Do-It-Yourself, Cash Flow investing.