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Gross Yields from Margin Accounts Managed by Snider Advisors

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Why continue focusing on the wrong metrics?

We define wealth as the thing that is truly most important to most investors – the ability to support a given standard of living indefinitely into the future.

Performance Report

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Gross Yields from Margin Accounts

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A Verifiable Performance History

As a state-registered investment advisor, Snider Advisors manages approximately $60 million in assets on behalf of our clients using the Snider Investment Method. Unlike many other financial education companies, we have a verifiable performance history that we are quite proud to share with you.

Keep in mind, this data is for informational purposes and the results quoted are averages. Some investors do better than the average and some do worse. Also, in the future, our average performance may be higher or lower than in the past.

Our primary objective is to earn a stock market return, but to earn it in the form of cash flow rather than capital appreciation. We believe portfolio cash flow is the true measure of wealth because it directly translates into the standard of living a portfolio can sustain.

We use cash management to try to create as much consistency in cash flow as is possible for an investment with an objective of 12% yield. But we do own stocks and our portfolio value will fluctuate with the stock market, as will our yields. The objective is 12% over time – even most of the time – but like all investments, we expect the 12% will be made up of periods of time where we exceed the target and other periods of time where we are below target. We believe this is both necessary and reasonable for a retirement portfolio with a joint life expectancy time horizon.

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Performance Report

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