Are you in charge?

  by Tyler Curtis

by CareyAnn Peterson

I recently received a phone call from a client asking about our refresher courses for the Snider Investment Method. She took the Snider Method with her husband years ago, but her husband ended up doing all of the trading and record-keeping.  He recently became ill and she will now have to take on the responsibility of taking care of their financial house.

Relationships and finances can be a tricky. Often times it is easier for one spouse to be the Family CFO and take sole responsibility of paying the bills, budgeting, and retirement planning.  However, one person taking charge could be a risky approach to take.

Does your spouse handle all of your finances?  Would you know how to pick up where they left off if an event occurred where they could no longer manage this responsibility?  Or maybe you are the one that manages the finances and your spouse takes this hands-off approach.  As financial advisors, we often encounter situations where someone loses their spouse and are left with no direction or knowledge of their financial picture.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the life expectancy of women is about five years longer than men.  The chance that a wife will outlive her husband is enough reason for both parties to get involved. Not knowing where to turn or how to take over could leave you vulnerable and at the mercy of financial advisors who may not always have your best interest at heart. (Check out our white paper, 10 Red Flags When Dealing with a Financial Advisor).

As a Snider Method alumni, your spouse can take the Snider Method at any time for $500.  Or if your spouse is an Alumni and just needs a refresher, they are always welcome to attend a refresher course for a $100 sitting fee or watch our Online Course for free if you are a current consulting client.  Although it may be easier for one person to handle the finances, I urge you to keep your spouse as involved as possible.  Our next upcoming live Snider Method course is Saturday, June 2nd.  We are also offering a new 3-day Snider Method course on May 8th, 9th and 10th. Click here to register.

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