Cash-Flow Investing

The Case for Cash Flow

  by Shelley Seagler

If you retired today, would you be able to pay your bills and maintain the type of lifestyle you desire?

There are many who believe they’re too young or too busy to worry about retirement. They’ve fooled themselves into thinking that they have plenty of time to figure that out.

Frankly, regardless of your age, retirement will be here before you know it. Do you really want to spend your golden years worrying about when and where your next dollar is coming from?

The Story You Haven’t Heard About Capital Appreciation

Let’s talk about investing for capital appreciation, because chances are, that’s how you’re currently invested. Capital appreciation is the result of buying a particular asset, such as stocks, for one price and selling it in the future for a profit.

The problem with capital appreciation is that you essentially have no control over what happens.

Sure, you could sell at some point. But when you’re ready to retire to start living on that money, the odds are against you that you’ll be able to sell it and come out winning.

The reality is that while the market does increase over the course of years and decades, your retirement date will come on a single day, and what happens if you try to sell your investment at precisely the WRONG time?

When you depend on capital appreciation to work for your retirement income, you’re simply ignoring the reality of the volatility of the stock market and everything that affects it. One event could change your otherwise, perfect execution of a lifelong investment plan.

The Power of Cash-Flow Investing

So what’s the alternative to investing for capital appreciation? Investing for cash flow. With cash flow investing, you don’t buy an asset, cross your fingers and hope that you’ll be able to sell it for a profit in the future. When you invest for cash flow, you buy an asset to use it to bring in income.

We like to think of it as earning a retirement paycheck.

You see, what matters the most when you’re ready to retire is having a sustainable, monthly paycheck that covers your total cost of living for as long as you live, and protecting that investment so that you even have some wealth to pass on to your loved ones when you die.

Case in point – most companies don’t go bankrupt because they aren’t profitable. In fact, a company can lose money on paper and stay in business indefinitely as long as it has sufficient cash flow to meet its obligations. But without cash flow to pay employees, suppliers, and creditors, a business’ days are numbered.

The same is true of you. Most families that end up having severe financial problems do so simply because the amount of cash coming in isn’t enough to keep up with expenses. On the other hand, as long as cash flow exceeds obligations, a family can live well indefinitely.

Cash flow is the lifeblood of your family’s financial well-being

Instead of buying and ‘hoping’…I mean ‘holding’ your investment until sometime in the future that you cannot predict, it’s far more profitable for you to generate immediate, monthly ROI using a method that is predictable.

You don’t know whether the investment you made will be up or down at the time in which you decide to sell, which is why you must learn the Snider Investment Method – a powerful mix of stocks, options and cash management techniques to produce a monthly paycheck.

This strategy is particularly powerful for those nearing retirement, who desire to generate maximum monthly income from their portfolio is such a way that’s sustainable indefinitely into the future.

Our strategy, the Snider Investment Method was strategically engineered to generate portfolio income. Does that mean its right for you? We think there’s a good chance it is, but you have to take the next step and learn more! The best way to do that is to learn more and register for one of the events listed below.

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