Exciting Changes at Snider Advisors

  by Jesse Anderson

On February 1, 2017, Snider Advisors began a new chapter in its nearly 15-year history. Since 2002 when Kim Snider founded Snider Advisors, we have focused on financial education and empowering individual investors. That focus, as well as the core principles on which our company has always operated, will remain as Tyler Curtis and I take ownership of the firm.

Please rest assured that this decision was entered into with much forethought and planning. In 2011, Kim and her husband, Jim, asked me to take over running the business.  Shortly after that, we began the process of succession planning. In recent years, I joined the Board of Directors and was formally named CEO. Throughout that time, Tyler’s care for the clients, passion for the business, and eye for innovation made him the person I wanted to join me in continuing to improve and grow Snider Advisors.

Along with these exciting changes, we completed a new office and moved to our new location at 100 Decker Court, Suite 120, Irving TX, 75062.  At less than 2 miles from our Urban Towers location, we remain in Las Colinas, a good, central location for most of the metroplex.  With a large free parking lot and a first-floor location, the new office will be better suited for client visits.  We hope that you can come by and check it out soon!

These things won’t change:

While these are both significant changes for Snider Advisors, you can rest assured both were made to benefit our clients and to create a growing, optimistic, long-term future for our business.  2016 was a very good year for both the Snider Investment Method and Snider Advisors.  Tyler and I have a strong desire to see the greatest success for both our clients and our business.  This passion drove us to take advantage of this opportunity and make a career out of helping our clients.

First, it will be business as usual from your perspective.  You are unlikely to even notice any changes.  We have been running the business for over 5 years and will continue to provide the same level of service and support you’ve come to expect.  Along with that, there will be no changes in the name of the company, your accounts, or the fees for our services.

The core aspects of our business and the people supporting them will remain intact for what I hope to be a long time.  I truly believe we have one of the best educators in the business with our long-time Director of Education, Shelley Seagler.  Shelley has been teaching the Method for over 10 years and does an amazing job teaching first-time investors and experts the principles of the Snider Investment Method in our live and online courses.

In March, we will launch our 5th 6-month session of the online course that includes our one-day live workshop. This method of learning has been overwhelmingly received by all our students with the ability to learn from both home and with other students.

With tools like Lattco PRO and the newest version, Lattco AutoPilot, we’ve made the Snider Investment Method easier to learn and implement than ever before.  At less than 18-months old, Lattco AutoPilot has already amassed over $48 million in assets and continues to grow month-after-month.  We pride ourselves on the stellar support we provide each client as they implement the Snider Investment Method.  We hope to make this even better whether you choose to invest using the Method completely on your own, using one of the three levels of Lattco, or choose the full-service asset management approach.

Our focus on the Snider Investment Method and its Guiding Principles will always be the center of our business. Over the previous years, we have helped thousands of investors invest smarter and lead better lives in retirement.  We hope to touch even more lives and help even more investors in our next 15 years.

Changes that will make things better: 

Due to company growth and the addition of the Lattco AutoPilot non-discretionary management, we will move from a state-registered investment firm to SEC.  Our total assets between asset management and Lattco AutoPilot now exceeds $115 million.  This is an exciting change as surpassing $100 million in assets is a significant milestone.  We have begun the registration process and look forward to making the official announcement in the future when registration is complete.

We will continue to refine and improve the Snider Investment Method.  We want our investment approach to be the go-to solution for all retirees needing a paycheck from their portfolio.  This will lead our search to boost income, lower risk, and create better lives for our clients.

Most of the near-term changes will be centered in the stock screening aspects of Lattco.  In the fall of 2016, we implemented a slight modification to give preferential treatment to dividend paying stocks.  Future improvements will include additional diversification rules that factor in a company’s industry beyond just the sector as it has in the past.  We will also release improvements to the bankruptcy ratings systems to improve the new position generation factors of Lattco.

Finally, we hope to continue to link all aspects of Lattco to new brokers.  In recent months we introduced Lattco PRO features with Fidelity.  As demand warrants, we hope to add additional brokers and release all of Lattco, Lattco PRO, and Lattco AutoPilot features to many other brokers beyond just TradeKing. TradeKing has been a fantastic broker for our clients, but we understand many face limitations or restrictions on where exactly they can trade their funds.

A quick note from Kim:

Kim's Note 1

Tyler & I thank Kim and her husband Jim for all their guidance over the years.  We also thank them for trusting us to take over ownership.  Of course, they still have both an emotional and financial attachment to the company and want to see it continue to flourish.  They have a strong belief in the Snider Investment Method and its founding principles.  You may also hear Kim’s unique voice from time to time on KRLD.

We couldn’t have grown our company to this level without amazing clients.  We are excited for you to join us for this next chapter in our business.  We hope that you will share your success and experience with friends and family.  Thank you for all your previous and future business.  We look forward to serving you for many years into the future.

I want to personally let you know how excited we are about the future of Snider Advisors. As always, we are here for you.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me directly at 214-446-8533.  

Jesse Anderson
Co-Owner of Snider Advisors

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