Press Release: Kim Snider Delivers Keynote Speech on Maximizing Opportunities in Economic Crisis at National Speakers Association Convention

  by Jesse Anderson

Snider Advisors, a leading provider of investment courses and investor education, congratulates its founder and CEO, Kim Snider, on the success of her Keynote Speech at the 2009 National Speakers Association Annual Convention. Snider’s topic, Don’t Waste This Crisis: The Economic Meltdown in America, was both timely and relevant to the nearly 1,100 professional speakers in the convention’s audience. Snider said, “I was thrilled to have the chance to share a message of optimism with my fellow NSA members. These periods of financial turmoil give us all a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to refocus and make the changes that will propel us forward.” Snider added, “The professional speaking industry isn’t immune to shifts in the economy. Like everyone else, speakers must be willing to make meaningful changes to their businesses. The good news is that the greatest opportunities for positive transformation are found in the midst of economic crisis.”

Snider Advisors’ Director of Education, Shelley Seagler, said, “We are delighted by Kim’s success at the National Speaker Association’s Convention, but not surprised by it. As a professional speaker, Kim wins audiences over with her one-of-a-kind ability to make complex financial topics easy to understand.” Seagler added, “The issues surrounding money can be intimidating, but Kim uses her rich life experiences to connect with people in a way that most financial experts are unable to do – audiences know that Kim’s the real deal.”

Kim Snider’s in-depth knowledge of personal finance and investing have enabled her to author How to Be the Family CFO: Four simple steps to put your financial house in order and create the Snider Investment Method®. Her radio show, Financial Success Coaching with Kim Snider, on KRLD News Radio 1080 is a talk show fan favorite and the most listened to financial show in the Dallas/Fort Worth market. As a professional speaker, Snider helps both individuals and organizations develop and implement strategies for managing economic uncertainty by combining her financial expertise with her natural ability to engage audiences.

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