The Quest for Retirement Income

  by Shelley Seagler

The day is fast approaching, when you either can’t or no longer want to work – that day is called retirement.

Many of us dream about retirement, but before you can truly enjoy this time of your life, you have to figure out how you will pay your bills and provide for yourself when you no longer have a W-2 paycheck coming in.

In the article Case for Cash-flow, we discussed the importance of switching your investment focus from the Traditional, Capital Appreciation model to a Cash-flow or Income Investing model.

Sure enough, as you near retirement, most financial advisers recommend shifting your portfolio to the perceived safety of more stable investments, such as government or municipal bonds – and away from stocks.
However, most of the income investment choices Americans have access to simply don’t deliver much ROI.

The Good News is There’s a Proven Method to Better Results

The cornerstone of our business and our primary tool for achieving wealth is the Snider Investment Method®. Thousands of investors have used the Snider Method for years – to generate monthly portfolio income through up, down and flat markets. You see, the Snider Method is a long-term investment strategy that uses a uniquely powerful combination of stocks, options, and cash management techniques to achieve two fundamental objectives:

Objective #1: Cash Flow – The goal is an average monthly yield of 1% from your investments. Think of it as exchanging the long term return of the U.S. Stock Market for a more immediate and tangible cash-on-cash return. Ultimately, we want you to be able to generate income replacement for the day when you retire.

Most traditional investments are based on the concept of capital appreciation – in which you buy assets, such as shares of stock, and hope they appreciate in value so you can sell them later for a profit. Cash-flow investing works differently. With cash-flow, you buy an asset not for its future value, but for its potential to generate income, in the present.

When you use the Snider Method, your goal is to put your assets to work to produce a monthly yield (a monthly paycheck) – which is exactly what you need in retirement.

Of course, until you need to use the yield as income, you simply reinvest your earnings to benefit from compounding interest until you do need to start taking the monthly income.

Objective #2: No Permanent Loss of Capital – With the Snider Method, you buy stocks from fundamentally sound companies you would be willing to own for long periods of time, even if the price declines. The Snider Method helps reduce the chance of selling stocks at a loss by diligently screening stocks and following a systematic set of rules to help you control emotional reactions to market changes.

Here’s How the Snider Method Works

We want you to have a birds-eye-view of the monthly activities involved in using the Snider Investment Method to generate monthly income and invest for a better retirement. Firstly, using the Snider Method requires some work on your part.

You’ll start by taking the 6 month SNIDER INVESTMENT METHOD ONLINE COURSE and/or the Snider Investment Method One-Day Workshop.
Through one, or both, of these courses, you’ll learn everything you need to know in order to move forward and use the Snider Method to investment monthly.

Each month, you will follow a systematic approach to trading and basic record-keeping for the objective of generating a 1% yield (income) on your portfolio. Typically, you will buy shares of stock and sell options.
The rules and stock selection criteria of the Snider Method help you to stay on track with crucial cash management techniques, including dollar cost averaging, asset allocation, and diversification.

Clearly, this is a brief and over-simplified demonstration of what Snider Method users do to generate monthly income, but it provides an overview of the factors involved and the steps of the process.

What The Snider Method Can Do For You

  • Reduce Costly Investment Fees When You Do It Yourself
  • Put Your Interests First
  • Eliminate the Guesswork
  • Keep Your Emotions in Check
  • No Investment Experience Required
  • Save Time and No Additional Courses Needed

You may be a good candidate if you:

  • You have at least $200,000 to invest and you want to draw a stable monthly income now or in the future.
  • You have between $100,000 and $200,000 and you want to draw a monthly income, but you can tolerate fluctuations because you have other sources of income.
  • You have at least $25,000 and your objective is growth.

You should also fit the following descriptions:

  • You have a long-term savings goal (at least two years).
  • You are willing to follow the rules of the Snider Method consistently regardless of what your emotions tell you.
  • You are satisfied with the objective of generating 1% a month, regardless of your portfolio’s value and market conditions.

Where Do YOU Go From Here?

You can’t safely retire until you figure out how you’re going to generate enough monthly income from your investment portfolio so that you can live comfortably and indefinitely in retirement. No one should settle for low investment returns on their hard-earned money when you can do better.

Traditionally, investors seeking cash flow, or yield, from their portfolios have been left wanting more than what their limited choices have to offer. This is exactly why we developed the Snider Investment Method.
Are you ready to take the next step towards a better future in retirement?

If you’d like to take the next step and learn more then you should by attending one of our upcoming Live Webinar or Seminar Information Sessions. View details below:

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