Skyrocket Long-term Portfolio Performance With One Quick Fix

Skyrocket Portfolio Performance with One Fix

Perspective just may be the single greatest indicator of success or failure in any pursuit. When it comes to investing for retirement, many people define wealth in terms of having a net worth of “X million dollars”. Most people spend a lifetime working hard, in pursuit of the million dollar nest egg goal for retirement.

However, while many still hold this as their key indicator of retirement readiness, more and more retirees are waking up from their sweet, American dream to the sobering reality that achieving some fixed dollar amount goal won’t prepare them for a retirement that, statistically, may span 30 years or more.

Frankly, one simple lever may determine your destiny of having a quasi-retirement, where you merely reduce your work hours, or a dream retirement with lasting financial security. We’ve seen thousands of people make one key shift that’s thrust them out of harm’s way and onto a proven pathway of a dream retirement with financial security for decades to come.

Perspective is Your Jet Fuel

That key lever is nothing more than perspective. Yes, I know you think the “attitude determines altitude” line is played out, but here me out! Most investors, and indeed, most investment professionals, view wealth as a single number at the top of our account statement. This perspective is flawed, and I have proof.

To prove my case, I’ll ask you one simple question. How many retirees do you know who’ve had their dream nest egg all invested, just to watch it disappear in the flash of an eye when the stock market crashed in 2008? We all were affected, but this was no isolated incident. It was just a widespread and dramatic one.

The single biggest mistake most people make concerning their investments for retirement is believing the lie that capital appreciation, or growth investing, will provide financial security. In other words, most people have a bad perspective of what wealth really is. Most people view wealth as a big number in their account.

Consider the Following Scenario…

But what happens when you go to cash-in and start living on that ‘number’ in retirement and face a scenario where you lose 30% of your portfolio’s value because you sold stocks to live on in a down market, which historically happens twice every 10 years?

What if your wealth was no longer determined by a single number in your account but by how long you could live your current lifestyle without working? In other words, what if your wealth was determined by your ability to generate a full-time monthly paycheck without working and in various market conditions for many years into the future? And what if you could do it while maintaining the underlying investment assets without selling, so that one day, you have wealth to pass on to those you love?

That’s what we want to show you how to create. It’s not as hard as you may think. The simple flip of a mental switch can dramatically change the course of your retirement years from struggle to financial security. It starts with a fresh perspective.

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