Think Income While Saving for Retirement

Have you ever asked yourself “Am I saving enough for retirement?”, if so you are not alone. There are many calculators and software programs readily available online to help project what your portfolio may be worth at retirement. The problem I see with many of these tools is that they put far too much emphasis on the total dollar amount accumulated at retirement. Instead of worrying about a total amount to save for retirement, investors should start focusing on how much monthly income their portfolio will be capable of generating in retirement.

The Investors’ Psyche

Investors who adopt a disciplined strategy and manage their emotions make better decisions over the long run. Taking control of your emotions in relation to investing seems like an easy task, but in practice it proves to be quite difficult if not impossible to achieve in perfection. I recently came across Kiplinger’s investor psychology quiz which addresses the ways our minds often sabotage financial decisions.

Fear, Hope, and Greed: The investors best friend or…

Have you lost sleep over your investments lately? If so you are not alone.

With all the complexities and nondescript jargon surrounding the financial markets nowadays it is easy to forget that they are still driven by the same thing they always have been; buyers and sellers.