Want to Get More Out of Your Portfolio?

  by Tyler Curtis


By: Shelley Seagler

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Want to get more out of your portfolio?

Traditional investment strategies, including those focused on income, may not be able to produce the type of paycheck you’ll actually need to survive in retirement.

We find that most of our clients have two goals in common:

  1. Monthly income
  2. To make their money last at least as long as they do.

We’ve also found that the way most people are invested doesn’t even come close to being able to meet those objectives. Too many are stuck chasing capital appreciation.  In other words, they buy an asset hoping it will go up in price so that down the road, they can sell it for more than what they paid for it.

In theory, a capital appreciation approach makes sense.  But when you factor in the reality of an ever-fluctuating stock market, this buy and hold strategy has some pretty serious flaws that can disrupt your financial security.

If you’ve been investing for capital appreciation in your stock portfolio, would you know how to shift gears and invest for income with your portfolio?

Unfortunately, a lot of investors don’t know how it can be done, so they will seek alternatives to creating income.

Let’s look some of the most common alternative strategies.

Real estate.

Many successful investors have been able to create rental income in real estate. A property that is in a good location, and is occupied with good tenants can create reliable income in retirement.

However, real estate comes with several responsibilities and the hassles of being a landlord. Rental properties also come with a unique set of risks. Banks will require larger down payments and may charge higher interest rates for investment properties than compared to your primary residence.

If you are unable to find a tenant, your income investment suddenly turns into an on-going monthly cost. If your mortgage, taxes, and maintenance of the property are greater than the rental income, you will lose money month after month. Investing in real estate is more time consuming and comes with its own set of complexities.


Some retirees will look to annuities as a way to replace their income. An annuity is an insurance product that will make payments to you. While customizable, they are confusing, complex contracts.

You may choose to receive these payments for a specific number of years, or for the rest of your life.

How much of a payment you receive depends on the type of annuity. Let’s look at the two types of basic annuities: fixed or variable.

Fixed annuities provide a guaranteed payout – however, these are low payouts. Fixed annuities also offer no inflation adjustment, no access to money beyond monthly payments, and no legacy… meaning the principal will belong to the insurance company when the policyholder dies (and does not pass to heirs).  The performance of variable annuities is driven by selecting underlying investments.  Not only are the choices limited, but they also add an additional layer of fees.  The performance of a variable annuity can be easily replicated at a lower cost and much less red tape.


The other alternative that other retirees seek for income is dividends. The trouble with dividend portfolios is that they typically lack diversification, centered around just a few sectors. Companies can reduce or stop dividend payments  – this typically happens at the same time stock prices are on the way down.

When you’re investing with the goal of creating income, you’re not relying on the future value of an asset.  In other words, you buy an asset for its ability to produce cash flow.

Did you catch that?  You can make money by OWNING an asset – not by SELLING it.

The Snider Investment Method is a long-term strategy that uses a combination of stocks, options, and cash management techniques to generate portfolio income.

If you want to learn more about the Snider Method and how it can help you create a portfolio paycheck, stay tuned for the video training series.

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