On-Going Support

Snider Advisors wants you to be a better investor. That’s why we don’t just teach you how to trade and then send you on your way.

Exceptional support is crucial to your long-term success.

To be clear, our advisors are not salespeople. They are licensed registered investment advisor representatives, who are not only Snider Method experts, but are well-versed in the issues that matter most to today’s investors. Their job is to help you invest with confidence.

We offer on-going support after the workshop to help you successfully implement the Snider Investment Method.

Level I Consulting

Benefits and Services:

  • Help placing your Snider Method trades
  • Brokerage account set-up assistance
  • Discounted commissions at selected brokers
  • Distribution assistance
  • Access to alumni-only resources
  • Free online Snider Method refreshers
  • Access to trading technology
  • Vacation Trades: If for any reason, you are unable to place your trades, we can trade on your behalf. This service is only available to Ally* clients.
  • Initial One-on-one coaching: Each month, you will meet with your dedicated advisor, either in person or by phone, to place your Snider Method trades. The goal is to help you become comfortable enough to do it on your own.


The fee for Level 1 Consulting is $10 a month. An additional fee will be assessed for your usage of Lattco, and will vary depending on which Lattco level you use for your trading.

You are not obligated to use our support services and you can opt in or out at any time.

Ready to take advantage of our on-going support? The first set is completing the Snider Investment Method Workshop. Already an alumni? You can change your service level here.