Retirement Straight Ahead

With 10,000 baby boomers retiring every single day, the time to start planning is now. You simply can’t afford to kick the can down the street and hope it all works out. Give yourself a shot at a successful retirement by revisiting your current financial situation. If you need assistance, Snider Advisors is always here and happy to help.

Thinking of buying an annuity? Think again.

With recent market volatility and the next crisis du jour seemingly looming ahead, insurance companies are ramping up advertising, and capitalizing on the fears of investors. The laundry list of guarantees and flashy marketing materials can certainly appeal to investors who fear recent market turbulence – but what’s the catch? Let’s take a look at what investors must know when considering the purchase of an annuity.

3 Major Misconceptions Regarding Roth IRA’s

As Roth accounts and Roth conversions continue to grow in popularity, there are several misconceptions in regard to the rules surrounding these qualified accounts. Today we will take a look at 3 of the most common statements we hear, and provide and explanation as to why these are not necessarily true.

Understanding your options with Inherited IRA’s

I think we all have a pretty solid understanding of how IRA’s work. We know there are annual contribution limits, income level restrictions and different tax treatments for the distributions during retirement, but what happens to these IRA’s when one passes away? There are several important rules that come into play depending on who was designated to be the beneficiary of the account, and what their relationship was to the deceased account owner.

End of year resolution… Take back your old 401(k)

Every year we revisit our goals and set a new list of items to accomplish throughout the year. About this time of year we reflect on all the items that were left incomplete and try to justify the reasons why we didn’t get them taken care of. Today I’m challenging you to set a goal to complete before the end of this year. Consolidate your accounts and roll that old 401(k) into your IRA account.

Creating a Succession Plan for the Snider Method

A question we consistently hear is, “I’ve been trading my account for years, and my spouse has no interest in trading whatsoever. What should I do?” Creating a succession plan is a very important piece to the financial planning puzzle. By creating a plan and educating those who will ultimately be left behind, you can provide your loved ones a great deal of comfort in a very turbulent time of loss.

Piggy bank wearing graduation cap with the copy, "Paying for College in Texas."

Texas Tomorrow: Understanding the Texas Tuition Promise Fund

After a recent financial planning meeting with one of our clients, the conversation led to a discussion on the Texas Tomorrow Funds. Being that I moved to Texas about 4 years ago and recently had to do a significant amount of research on the subject, I want to help spread the knowledge on this program to those who may have small children or grandchildren with future college dreams here in the Lone Star State.

Everyone likes to hate the market

People truly hate the stock market. Don’t believe me? Take a quick glance at a yahoo finance comment chain. You’ll undoubtedly see that current investor sentiment is filled with distrust, skepticism, and outright hatred of the entire capital market system. The common belief seems to be the fat cats of Wall Street are out to make a quick buck with no regard to how their decisions will impact the little guy on Main Street.

Generation Lost?

There is an increasing amount of attention gathering around the Millennial generations’ entrance (or attempted entrance) into the workforce. This is truly the workforce of tomorrow, yet things will be very different from the experiences of the previous Baby Boomer generation. The common dream of going to college, starting that dream job, starting a family and purchasing a home have all been faded by the current economic climate. While I realize that the majority of our readers are probably not in this generation, the mass majority of you do have children or family members who are.

Snider ETF Portfolio: Defined

Since our release of the new Snider Method ETF Portfolio, we have received several calls with interest in implementing the new strategy. The new strategy takes the time tested Traditional Snider Method and implements the use of low-cost ETFs, along with a new allocation system. While we have no reason to stray from the Traditional Snider Method, the new ETF portfolio can offer other values depending on your objectives. Below you will find a list of popular questions that we have been receiving regarding this new strategy.