Using Covered Calls to Generate Retirement Income

Using Covered Calls to Generate Retirement Income

Learn how covered calls work, how to use them to generate income, and other tips for retirement investors.

Retirement Income Sources

5 Sources of Retirement Income in 2022

5 Ways to Earn Retirement Income in 2022

Why You Shouldn’t Automatically Reduce Risk as You Age

Learn why it doesn’t always make sense to reduce portfolio risk as you age, as well as some alternative strategies to generate retirement income.

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Can Option Trading Really Give You Safer Retirement Income?

Discover why option trading is ideal for generating retirement income and some strategies that you can use today.

What to Know About Determining Your Retirement Income

How much money do you really need to thrive in retirement? You might be surprised.

Tools for surviving the investment income famine

UPDATED 2019: This article, originally published in 2010, continues to be one of our most popular posts. Please keep in mind that it is possible some of the facts offered have changed throughout the years.However, our sentiments have not. Scott Burns and I agree on many things. We agree that you cannot beat the market by picking stocks. We agree …

The mother of all reverse compounding problems

The only proven way to achieve a passive double-digit yield to replace your income is to own businesses – either directly or indirectly through common stock ownership. But this creates a challenge. The chart shows each of the bear market declines since the end of World War One. We are in the tenth decade and there have been twenty bear …